Bring your design to life

We use software to build a digital twin of your project so that you can make it one or 100 times

We can make almost anything you want from a variety of materials. Using CAD, 3D modelling, and the vast experience our team has in industrial design and prototype development, we can create a solution for almost any challenge.

Whether it’s a specific problem, optimisation of processes, or creating a whole new exciting opportunity, our bespoke solutions are innovative and effective.

From designing concepts, professional drawings for CAPEX applications, creating plastic prototypes, compliance with legislation and standards, to a high quality finished product, this is where we excel—and our customers get the benefits for their businesses.

We have digital scanning capability to build a digital model of your component quickly and accurately.

3d printing


Our CNC milling is state of the art, with a superior finished product.

3d printing

3D Printing

Create your part in rapid time. We have a number of pricing options to suit your needs.